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    Excavator Manufacturers & Exporters
    C-Series China Excavators

    Excavator Manufacturers & Exporters - the C-Series excavators are one of the best when it comes down to quality. The feedback we receive from customers from all around the world can only be described as exceptional. This is thanks to the great effort that has been put into designing, developing and improving these high quality excavators.

    To achieve world class precision, only the best imported international components have been used. Key components include: Yanmar, Isuzu and Cummins engines; US Eaton, Japanese KYB and Kawasaki swing motors; Japanese KYB and Kawasaki main pumps; US Eaton, Doosan and Jeil travel motors; US Parker, US Commer and Japanese KYB tracking motors; US Commer reducers and Italian valve and pilot control levers.

    china mini excavator cheap mini excavator china excavators
    Engine: 16 kW / 21 hp
    Weight: 1760 kg / 3880 lb
    Depth: 2100 mm / 83''
    Reach: 3720 mm / 147''
    Engine: 27 kW / 36 hp
    Weight: 4200 kg / 9259 lb
    Depth: 3405 mm / 134''
    Reach: 5530 mm / 218''
    Engine: 45 kW / 60 hp
    Weight: 6200 kg / 13668 lb
    Depth: 3785 mm / 149''
    Reach: 6245 mm / 246''
    chinese excavator china compact excavator manufacturer construction machinery exporter
    Engine: 60 kW / 80 hp
    Weight: 8200 kg / 18077 lb
    Depth: 4375 mm / 172''
    Reach: 6810 mm / 268''


    Engine: 73 kW / 98 hp
    Weight: 14250 kg / 31416 lb
    Depth: 5569 mm / 219''
    Reach: 8387 mm / 330''
    Engine: 112 kW / 150 hp
    Weight: 21800 kg / 48061 lb
    Depth: 6622 mm / 261''
    Reach: 9982 mm / 393''
    china hydraulic excavator exporter of excavators and parts oem wheel loaders
    Engine: 125 kW / 166 hp
    Weight: 23600 kg / 52029 lb
    Depth: 6527 mm / 257''
    Reach: 10233 mm / 403''
    Engine: 184 kW / 247 hp
    Weight: 33000 kg / 72753 lb
    Depth: 7380 mm / 291''
    Reach: 11100 mm / 437''
    Customized Equipment & OEM
    Modified & fully-customized models by one of the top excavator manufacturers
    OEM wheel loaders & forestry equipment

    All excavators are CE certified and each excavator is tested for 18 hours at the factory in order to guarantee maximum performance. Like all of our heavy equipment machinery, the C-Series excavators are covered by our One Year Guarantee Program.

    If you would like to inquire or get a quotation for any of our heavy equipment, please feel free to send us a message by using the below form. 

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